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Battery Charger | Ultra Power | UP6+ Battery Charger | LIPO + LI-ION | AC/DC | 600w Dual Output | Ultra Power UP6+

The UP6+ Battery Charger from Ultra Power is a super powerful, smart charger specifically designed for dual output LiPo + LI-ION charging. The colour 3.5 Inch LCD screen is designed to display all your advanced charging data.

Direct DC input from an XT60 plug, and an independent control wheel for each output, the Ultra Power UP6 + battery charger is perfect for either home or field charging or even storing / discharging unused LiPo battery packs. 

With 2x 100w output on AC, this smart charger gives you powerful enough for most batteries. All your important battery information is displayed on the LCD and the whole screen changes green when charging is complete. 

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Ultra Power UP6+ Battery Charger Manual


  • Servo & Motor Testing
  • AU Plug
  • Cooling Fan With Temp Sensor Control
  • USB 5V/2.1A
  • AC Input 100-120V
  • DC Input 9-32V
  • Ext. Discharge Port
  • Servo Connection Port
  • Motor Hall sensor Cable Connection Port
  • Two Independent Shuttle Keys Control the Charger
  • 30W External Charging
  • Wireless Charging Port For Mobile Devices, Supporting 10W
  • AC/DC Input
  • 3.5" LCD Display
  • Colour UI Display
  • RCM Approved

All of the chargers we sell at XM2 Store hold RCM certification. For electrical safety, in-scope electrical equipment must not be sold in Australia unless the item is marked with the RCM in compliance with AS/NZS 4417.1 & 2 and the EESS.

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