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Caddx Vista Antenna | 15cm Extended | for DJI Caddx Vista

The Extended Caddx Visa Antenna is designed by Rushfpv and is the same antenna supplied with Caddx Vista system, but with a longer coax cable. The orginal Caddx Vista antenna is 8cm, and this extended edition is 15cm in length.

A great solution if you're converting your analogue FPV to digital FPV and you require extra length to mount your antenna.

We integrate the extended Caddx Visa Antenna with one of our in-house iFlight Protek35 builds, because the standard antenna that comes with the caddx vista was not long enough for the conversion.


  • Connector - UFL
  • Length - 15cm
  • Weight - 4g

In the Box

  • 1x Caddx Vista Antenna

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