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BNF FPV | Cine-Bird XL | Stan FPV

Cine-Bird XL Bind and Fly | BNF FPV

The original Stan PFV Cine-Bird Bind and Fly with Invisible 360 FPV Drone technique. This FPV BNF has one of the best Centre of Gravity's of any rig out there.

This 5 inch / 6 inch prop monster is capable of chasing fast objects, while still being completely invisible in your post 360 cam footage.

Pair this BNF with the Insta360 1R camera and turn your Cine-Bird XL invisible!

Unique Features:

  • Removable arms
  • DJI/Caddx Nebula Nano capable with no extra mount
  • Use any thin LiPo Batteries up to 6s with DJI (3s /4s recommended)
  • 30x30, AIO, and 20x20 mounting holes for the ultimate in custom setup versatility
  • Fits 5" AND 6" Props
  • Same proven "winged" super X design as the OG now with REMOVABLE ARMS

Digital Set-Up Key Components:

  • 35a AIO
  • Stan FPV 2604 2410kv T-Mount Motors 
  • HQ T5x3 or T5x2x3 Props
  • Caddx Nebula Nano
  • TBS Crossfire (optional) 
  • Analog also works great

Analog Set-Up Key Components:

  • 35a AIO /OR/ 15mm or less height 20x20/30x30 stack 
  • Stan FPV 2604 2410kv T-Mount Motors 
  • HQ T5x4.5 or T5x2x3 Props
  • TBS Unify Pro32 Nano w/ upgraded UFL Omni Antenna
  • TBS Crossfire Nano w/ Immortal T Antenna (optional) 

* Drone does not include GoPro/Insta360 camera or LiPo battery. 

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