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Ronin 2 Dual TB50 Battery Mount | DJI

DJI Dual TB50 Battery MountRonin 2 Dual TB50 Battery Mount

The Dual TB50 Battery Mount from DJI provides a battery hot-swapping feature when mounted with two TB50 Intelligent Batteries. The two P-Tap ports at the back of the mount distribute 14.4V power, even when the mount is used as a standalone power source for other camera equipment. Australian Stock.

Recommended Accessories

Carbon Fibre Accessory Plate: Ronin 2 Dual TB50 Battery Mount

  • The Carbon Fibre Accessory Plate from XM2 Labs secures to the side of your Ronin 2 Dual TB50 Battery Mount - allowing you to attach accessories directly to the DJI TB50 Battery Mount. We use the Carbon Fibre Plate to mount our Teradek when using the Ronin 2, but you can attach any accessories with m4 holes.


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