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Focus Motor | Dji Ronin-S | Pt17

This Ronin-S Focus Motor works together with the Ronin-S Focus Wheel to control the focus, iris, and zoom on your camera lens. Attach the DJI Focus Motor to the Ronin-S with this DJI Focus Motor Rod Mount. Australian Stock.

Ronin-S Focus Wheel
DJI Focus Motor Rod Mount


Focus Motor:
Weight: 198 g (power cable included)
Dimensions: 110 x 53 x 30 mm
Max. Torque: 0.5 Nm
Max. Speed: 210 RPM
Operating Current: Free current: 25 mA (12 V); Stall current: 0.5 A (12 V)
Operating Voltage: 6-17 V
Noise: 25 dB
Rod Clamp Inner Diameter: 15 mm
Gear: No. of teeth: 40; Module: 0.8
Operating Temperature: -20 to 55°C

No. of Teeth: 151
Module: 0.8
Diameter: 30 to 110 mm
Length: 377 mm

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