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DJI RS 2 | Ronin-S 2 | Gimbal Stabilizer | Pro Combo

DJI RS 2 Gimbal Pro Combo

DJI RS2 Gimbal Pro Combo

The DJI RS2 isn't just a gimbal, it is an unparalleled solution for dynamic cinematography. Every design element an feature is made to deliver industry-leading camera stabilization. Quite simply, the DJI RS 2 is crafted for you to master film-making. 

With a maximum payload of 4.5 kg, the RS2 expands beyond Mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Featuring carbon fibre construction to increase strength and reduced weight, the RS2 will last 12 hours with a fast charging battery. You can now control the RS 2 at your finger tips with the 1.4" Full-Colour Touchscreen that allows you to change settings and view your camera's transmission. Furthermore, activate active track and other intelligent shooting modes with this touchscreen. 

Film More, Pack Less

Monocoque carbon fibre construction adds incredible strength and unbelievable lightness to the axis arms. 
A 1kg gimbal with 4.5kg tested payload offers the highest weight-to-payload ratio in the industry. 

Full-Colour Touchscreen

Access ActiveTrack 3.0 right from the touchscreen, freeing your creative control. 
The full-colour LCD screen allows you to quickly adjust parameters and access Ronin app features. 

Endless Possibilities

While DJI RS 2 is optimized for capturing unique shots with a single hand, it is also designed to be a professional filmmaking solution. No matter how complex your shot, DJI RS 2 adapts to achieve your vision.
Both RSA ports are NATO-compatible, opening DJI RS 2 to a universe of third-party accessories along with versatile handling and mounting possibilities.
Looking to film in portrait mode? The vertical camera mount lets you capture professional-grade footage for your social media content.

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