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Gimbal Accessory | Expansion Base Kit | DJI Ronin RS2

DJI RS2 Expansion Base KitDJI RS2 Expansion Base Kit

The DJI Ronin Expansion Base Kit allows your to mount and control your DJI RS 2 gimbal in a jib, car, slider, cable cam and other platforms.

This kit includes a DJI Ronin Tethered Control Handle for extended wired control of camera focus and parameters, camera shutter and gimbal movement. Also, a Universal Base Mount and an External Battery Adapter that allows the DJI Ronin BG30 Grip to power the DJI RS 2.


In The Box

  • 1x Universal Base Mount
  • 1x Base Plate 5x Screw 1/4"-20
  • 1x External Battery Adapter
  • 1x Control Cable (30 cm) 2x Control Cable (5 m)
  • 1x Tethered Control Handle
  • 1x Expansion Port 1x Allen Wrench (4 mm)
  • 1x Safety Buckle 1x Allen Wrench (2.5 mm)
  • 1x Stiffener

DJI RS2 gimbal expansion base kit

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