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FPV Compenent | Spike Absorber for Voltage Spikes | FETTEC

The FETtec Spike Absorber prevents your FPV drones connected components from being damaged by voltage spikes. The Spike Absorber is meant to be used in addition to a electrolyte capacitor and the capacitor can be mounted directly on top of this spike absorber.

Capacitors dampen any movement of the voltage, store energy if the voltage rises and supply energy when the voltage falls.

In some cases your FPV drone can have high voltage spikes when capacitors are too slow. These spikes are mostly short, but can be easily the double or triple of the normal battery voltage. These spike can cause your voltage regulators, capacitors and FETs to become damaged and fail. This Spike Absorber will absorb the energy of these spikes before the spikes can penetrate your drone and cause damage.

fpv spike absorber


  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 25, 2V (6S LiPo)
  • Weight: 1.62g
  • Designed for use with an electrolytic capacitor, which can be mounted directly on top.

In the Box

  • 1x  FETtec Spike Absorber

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