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FPV Buzzer | Finder 2 | VIFLY

The VIFLY Finder 2 buzzer is has an ultra loud beeper, suitable for finding lost FPV quadcopters over long distances.

At XM2 Store,we have a lot of love for the buzzer. You only have to lose your quad once to make this small investment might important! For the smaller VIFLY Finder Mini, click here.

The beeper volume can be upwards of 110 dB and will continue to beep even if your quad's battery has been ejected during a crash. A built-in light sensor detects light levels, intelligently controlling the LED light intensity and automatically entering into sleep mode at night.

After you've landed your quadcopter and disconnected the battery, most alternative FPV buzzers have a tiny button that requires pressing for the buzzer to switch off. The Vifly Finder 2 buzzer can be mounted inside your quad (where it's difficult to be damaged) rather than outside the aircraft. To disarm the VIFLY Finder 2, plug your battery pack into your quad for 3 seconds and unplug it again - deactivating the alarm. No express shipping as beeper contains battery. Australian Stock.

Two Options to Disarm the Buzzer

  • Option 1: Disarm with button: Disconnect main battery, hold disarm button on VIFLY Finder 2 for 1-5 seconds then release.
  • Option 2: Disarm with main battery: Disconnect main battery, then connect main battery for 3-6 seconds and disconnect it again. It will beep 3 times when disarmed successfully.


  • Weight: 5g
  • Size: 24x13x16 mm
  • Volume: Up to 110 dB
  • Working Time: Up to 30 hours
  • Battery: 80mAh LiPo
  • Light Sensor: Yes
  • Applicable Models: Normal/Large Size Build

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