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FPV Propeller | Cinewhoop | HQ PROP | 76mm | 8 Blade | Grey

A great CineWhoop propeller, much more quiet compared to a 3 blade, makes it far nicer to fly inside. The extra blades do reduce flight time slightly but it improves handling a lot - especially at low speed.

At XM2 we use the 76mm HQ props with our Bumblebee V3 BnF quads.

The HQ Prop ducted 76mm X8 Prop is an 8 bladed durable propeller with a 5mm center hub. HQ have designed this prop to create the perfect prop for cinematic applications. Australian Stock.


  • Propeller Diameter: 76MM       
  • Pitch : 3                
  • Blades : 8
  • Material : Poly Carbonate        
  • Weight :3.1g
  • Hub Diameter : 11.5mm           
  • Hub Thickness:5.5mm           
  • Shaft :5mm
  • Adaptor Rings : NO


  • 2 x CW HQProp Duct-76MMX8 propeller
  • 2 x CCW HQProp Duct-76MMX8 propeller

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