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FPV Propeller | 7 inch | HQ PROP | 7X4.5X2 | Bi Blade | Light Grey

Long range pilots rejoice for HQProp has released a 7 inch bi-blade prop that will allow for incredibly smooth flights and jello-free videos

2-blade (bi blade) propellers have increased efficiency over a 3 blade prop (tri blade), but achieve less "grip" in the air. This means that your quad will fly longer with a 2-blade (bi blade) prop compared to a 3-blade prop, but also be less responsive in flight manoeuvres.

2 blade propellers are also typically faster props than 3 blades, but also louder and more affected by strong winds.

HQ Props 7inch Bi Blade props are a well-suited to the 7inch iFlight Chimera7 Quadcopter when flying long range and in calm conditions. Australian Stock.


    • Propeller Diameter: 7 inch       
    • Pitch : 4.5                
    • Blades : 2
    • Material : Poly Carbonate        
    • Weight : 6.6 g
    • Hub Diameter :13.5mm           
    • Hub Thickness:7.5mm           
    • Shaft :5mm
    • Adaptor Rings : NO


    • 2x CW Propeller
    • 2x CCW Propeller

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