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Balance Charging Board | XT60 | LiPo + Li-Ion + LiFe | 2-6S1

This is a fast and simple way to charge multiple batteries at the same time so you can get back to flying! 

The XT60 Parallel Balance Charging Board allows you to decrease your wait time and charge multiple packs at once. Compatible with 2-6s LiPo/LiFe, and Lion batteries. Australian Stock.

To Use: plug the batteries you'd like to charge into the balanced Charging Board and then plug the board into your charger. At XM2 store we use and recommend pairing the board with a high current capable charger like the Ultrapower UP6+ Battery Charger.

To safely charge batteries using a balance board, only connect batteries of a similar voltage level. The general rule is, a difference of  0.1V per cell is okay, that’s 0.4V for a 4S battery or 0.6V for a 6S. Its important to remember, the lower the voltage difference, the safer it is to charge.

If you need to charge LiPo batteries with an XT30 connecter, you will need an XT60 to XT30 adapter found here.


  • Short circuit prevention
  • Charges up to 6 batteries at once saving tons of time
  • Charges 2-6S batteries
  • Can daisy-chain up to 3 balance boards together for up to 18 simultaneous batteries charging at once! (same cell batteries only)
  • 2oz copper foil withstands cont. current of up to 80A
  • Balance charging is great for battery health and extends the life of your battery

In the Box

  • 1 x Balance Charging Board
  • 1 x 7pin Cable

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