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XM2 TANGO 2 | Heavy Lift UAV

Tango II is the result of the experience, innovation and success of XM2, with pilots operating all over the globe.

Years of thorough research, development, design, manufacture and testing from our Melbourne based Labs team has produced our best aircraft yet. Our pilots and engineers are in constant communication. The feedback they provided was driven by real world experience in all kinds of environments.

Our dampening system is able to eliminate vibrations across a range of frequencies. It enables operators to create silky smooth footage with long, cinema grade lenses and all of the accessories that come with a high-end camera package.

Tango II provides a smooth, precise and responsive experience for pilots in all applications. The XM2 Helix flight controller gives experienced remote pilots the freedom to fly without restrictions while the integrated CoPilot system provides unmatched situational awareness, feeding all telemetry to the pilots controller.

The powerful propulsion system allows operators the capability to lift superior camera packages while the custom designed power distribution system ensures it stays in the air, long after other drones have landed. Tango II remains an agile aircraft, comfortably reaching speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour. Quick release components mean that you can be ready to fly in a matter of minutes without the need for tools.

Tango II has been proven on the biggest projects around the world, drawing on experience from Star Wars, Fast and Furious 9, Pirates of the Caribbean, Westworld, Thor Ragnarok and the latest instalment of the James Bond franchise, No Time To Die. In high pressure environments, where every second counts, Tango II is the aircraft you can rely on to get the job done. Precise, powerful, proven. Tango II, available now. 


  • 1 x TANGO II UAV complete
  • 1 x JT16 Controller (with Co-Pilot Firmware)
  • 1 x Battery tray
  • 1 x Transport Case
  • Ronin 2 or MoVi quick release (customer specified) 


  • What are the transport case dimensions?
    750 x 650 x 785mm
  • Can transport case be checked in on airline luggage?
  • How long does it take to setup?
    1-2 Minutes
  • How water resistant is the Tango II?
    It is resistant to light rain 
  • Can a different controller be used with Tango II?
    Yes, however will lose the Co-Pilot functionality
  • What after technical support does Tango II have? 
    Professional Australian support team of engineers and pilots via email, phone or zoom chat.
  • Can Tango II be configured to fly under 55lbs/25kg?
    Yes, with light payload, batteries and no retracts
  • Can custom made brackets or mounts be supplied?
    Yes, contact XM2 to discuss details
  • Can the battery connectors be changed? 
    Yes, there is access port on top frame to the M4 terminals
  • What is spare parts availability? 
    XM2 Carry full range of spare parts.
  • Where are Tango II produced and stored? 
    Tango II is built and tested in Melbourne, Australia. 
  • Can you supply training package when purchase Tango II? 
    Yes, contact us for more information.
  • What software for mission planning on Tango II/HELIX? 
    Mission Planner connects by Bluetooth to crossfire for data communication.
  • What is the longest lens can fly on the Tango II with stable results? 
    Tested up to 130mm on Alexa Mini.
  • Can the dampener be customised to suit my payload?
    The dampener is designed for typical cinema payloads, anything drastically different contact XM2 for advise or customisation
  • How can HELIX settings be changed?
    Customers are supplied with GUI Windows program to access and change settings.

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