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FPV Antenna | TBS Crossfire Immortal T Antenna | V2

The TBS Crossfire Immortal T Version 2 Antenna is currently the best and only antenna for TBS Crossfire receivers. With improved durability and signal sensitivity, we pair the Immortal T V2 with both our race and cinematic quadcopters. This version of the Team Black Sheep Immortal Antenna has enhanced tuning on the centre element, providing you with better coverage and range.

The centrepiece housing is made out of a rubberized plastic material, providing enough flex for minimal damage after a crash. The spring-steel element carries the same immortality from Version 1, protecting itself from propeller strikes and incorrect mounting. Australian Stock.


  • Weight: 3.4g
  • Width: 15cm
  • Cable length: ~80mm
  • Connector: u.FL / IPX

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