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Power Cable | XT60H-Male to Z CAM E2-M4 Power Cable

We use this cable when pairing the iFlight Taurus X8 Cinelifter with the Z CAM E2 Camera.

The XT60H-Male to Z CAM E2 power cable is used to feed power via a 4S liPo or Li-Ion battery to the Z CAM E2 Cinema Cameras 2-pin, power input port.

A durable cable, without the need to heat shrink and including a solid, XT60H Sheath Housing Connector Plug for enhanced overall performance in handling and durability.

Featuring an XT60H-M connector that connects the power source to your Z CAM E2 Camera and compatible with any 4S battery that has an XT60 connection.

Camera Compatibility

  • Z-CAM E2-M4 Camera

Battery Compatibility

  • LiPo / Li-Ion Battery 3S-4S (do not use with 5S/6S or higher battery)


  • Compatible Camera: Z CAM E2 Camera
  • Wire Guage: 20AWG
  • Length: 18cm
  • Weight: 16g
  • Connector 1: Z cam E2 Male
  • Connector 2: XT60H-Male
  • Weight: 14g

In the Box

  • 1x iFlight XT60H-Male Power Cable for Z CAM E2 Camera

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