XM2 Labs | Universal Quick Release Adapter Set | DJI Ronin 2 Mount | Male + Female

We designed this R2 Style quick-release to be highly adaptable; for when you want to release the Ronin 2 and replace the gimbal with other heavy payload accessories. On set, we use this mount with LIDAR sensors, lighting rigs and when testing weights on our drone.

The XM2 Labs set includes a Male and Female Quick Release, fitting together and fully compatible with the DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal and Universal Mount. The Female Quick Release is perfect for attaching dummy payloads to your drone, allowing you to test fly with weights to simulate a heavy payload. The Male mount allows you to build custom mounts for your gimbal.

Both parts have Imperial and Metric mounting hole options, with the hole pattern dimensions laser etched for easy access. The lever locking mechanism quickly and easily secures your payload, while the safety pin with the release button gives you peace of mind.

Quick Release Set for DJI Ronin 2 | XM2 Labs

In The Box


  • Weight: 122g | 4.30oz (Male)
  • Weight: 163g | 5.75oz (Female)
  • Combined Weight: 285g | 10.05oz
  • Mounting: M4 / 3/8"-16

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