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XM2's EON800 is an Australian-made, tethered data and power solution for heavy-lift drones. Developed by XM2 Labs, compatible with a range of drone platforms and designed to be modular, each component of the EON800 tether system has been optimised for integration.

EON800 Tether System for Freefly Systems ALTA X | EON800-AX

Expanding the capabilities of the Freefly Systems ALTA X, the EON800 is a plug and play tether solution designed to power Freefly Systems Alta X. This ALTA X Tether system provides the worlds toughest heavy lift UAS with infinite flight time and four fiber optic cores, for multi-payload connectivity.

EON800 Tether Ground Station

The EON800 Tether Ground Station provides the drone with infinite flight time, supplying up to 4500W of power to the UAS and a myriad of payload combinations. The Tether Ground Station is rack-able, allowing the unit to be mounted within vehicles, portable rack cases and any structures with mounting rails. MAVlink Connectivity between the Drone and the Tether Ground Station provides secure, wired control of the UAV.


UAS Tether Cable

Four fibre-optic cores and two conductors are embedded within the provided XM2 UAS Tether Cable. One fibre is dedicated to command and control of the aircraft and three separate dedicated payload fibres are available for payload communication. The Tether Cable is manually managed, and available in two altitude lengths: 60m/200ft and 120m/400ft. Custom lengths are also available.

EON800 Tether System for Freefly Systems Alta X Tether Cable Spool

EON800 Tether Ground Station for Freefly Alta X

Alta X is approved under the Blue sUAS 2.0 program, and custom configured to support a variety of mission requirements; the Freefly Systems Alta X accommodates a variety of integrated sensors and third-party payloads. This creates vast potential and opportunity within the telecommunication, live broadcast, surveillance, public safety, emergency response and defence industries to name a few. Continuous tethered flight with truly massive payloads is something that until now, has not been possible.

EON800 Freefly AltaX Tether

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