XM2 Labs | Thingymajig for FreeFly Movi Gimbal | Safety Upgrade

We had issues on-set with our MoVi gimbal quick release slipping and having cameras broken. Our crew at XM2 Labs designed and manufactured the THINGAMAJIG safety upgrade to eliminate the issue.

Attaching to the bottom of the TITH, the Thingymajig has been CNC milled to incorporate a safety loop, allowing for the attachment of a safety cable to the aircraft or equivalent. In case of an accidental drop and release of the MoVi, the wire cable secured through the Thingymajig's safety loop will catch the package.

We have different lengths of safety cable to choose from - at XM2 we mainly use the 20cm for our Drone and Handheld work. If you're rigging the MoVi to vehicle mounts, it might be useful to have a little extra length to secure it to a different anchor point. 

This CNC milled and hard anodised safety bracket is designed, manufactured and assembled by XM2 Labs in Melbourne, Australia.


  • Weight: 115g
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminium
  • Compatibility: Freefly Systems MoVi Pro, MoVi 15, MoVi 10, TITH
  • 4x M3 X 12mm Cap
  • Made in Melbourne, Australia

Watch our video below for more information: 


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