FPV GPS | iFlight Blitz M10 | GPS & Compass

iFlight BLITZ M10 GPS with built-in compass. 10th generation chip Small size, fast positioning, stable connection for FPV drone. Explore new heights with the iFlight BLITZ M10 GPS with built-in compass. Its 10th generation chip delivers small size, fast positioning, and a stable connection, making it the perfect addition to your FPV drone. Australian Stock.


  • 10 Hz Refresh rate (600 times/second)

  • Compass module QMC5883L integrated


  • GPS module: BLITZ M10 GPS

  • Compass module: QMC5883L

  • Baud Rate:4800bps-115200bps

  • Cold start: 26s

  • Hot start: 1s

  • Maximum height: 50.000m

  • Maximum speed: 500 m/s

  • Speed accuracy: 0.05 m/s

  • Maximum acceleration: ≦ 4G

  • Refresh Rate: 10 Hz

  • GPS patch antenna size: 18 x 18 mm

  • Total dimensions:20 x 21 x 6.5 mm

  • Weight:  5.2 g(±0.5g)

  • Input Voltage: 3.3V-5.5V

Package included

  • 1x iFlight BLITZ M10 GPS

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