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BNF FPV | iFlight Nazgul5 HD V2 | 6S | 5-Inch | Caddx Polar Vista | TBS Crossfire | LED Edition

iFlight's Nazgul5 HD 6S features the Caddx Polar Vista Digital HD System. The Caddx Polar is the latest Caddx camera, while also being great during the day, the Polar has been designed for enhanced night flying. Equipped with LEDs for line-of-sight low-light/night-flying for extra visibility.

This 5 inch, BNF drone has no props in view and is equipped with SucceX-D F7 and XING motors. Featuring the same 'true-x' frame style as iFlights XL5, the Nazgul5 HD is great for freestyle FPV flying, acrobatic rolls and flips. With durable, lightweight 5mm arms, the Nazgul5 can handle 5 and 5.1inch propellers.


    • TBS Crossfire pre-installed and Configured
    • 5mm arm design for more durability
    • Easy-Swap arms
    • LED illuminated Logo
    • XING 2207 motors with LED light
    • 5" version also fits 5.1" style propellers
    • Popular True-X configuration
    • TPU crash-guards
    • Fits both 30.5x and 20x stacks

    XL5 V5 frame specs:

    • SucceX-E F7 45A flight stack
    • XING 2207 FPV Motor with LED light(6S 1800kv / 4S 2450kv)
    • Wheelbase:   240mm*240mm
    • Body size: 170*170mm
    • Propeller size: 5 inch /5.1 inch
    • FC pattern: 30.5*30.5/20*20 mm
    • FPV cam spacing: 19mm
    • Weight: 408.5g (without battery)


    • Don't worry about tuning, iFlight did that for you. A basic PID- and Filter tuning was applied for a great flight experience out of the box.

    In the Box

    • Prebuilt and tested Quadcopter with TBS Crossfire
    • 1x XL5 V5 Frame
    • 1x Caddx Polar Vista Digital HD System Kit
    • 1x Albatross LHCP RP-SMA 5.8g antenna
    • 2 sets x Nazgul 5 inch 3-blades (Set of 4)
    • 1x 20*200mm Microfiber PU Leather Battery Strap
    • 1x 20*250mm Microfiber PU Leather Battery Strap

    FC | SucceX-E F7 Flight controller

    • MCU: STM32F22RET6 216MHz
    • Gyro: MPU6000
    • Baro: DSP310
    • OSD: IFLIGHT OSD (AT7456E)
    • BEC: 5V 2.5A
    • BlackBox: 16MB
    • Uart: 4*UART(UART1、UART2、UART4、UART5)
    • UART1 for VTX HD(for 4-6S Vista,for 4S DJI Air Unit)/AnalogTelemetry
    • UART2 for Receiver
    • UART4 for Free 
    • UART5 for ESC Telemetry
    • 4× Dshot/PWM outputs
    • Smartaudio & IRC Tramp VTX protocol supported
    • WS2812 led Strip: Yes
    • Bepper: Yes
    • Firmware: IFLIGHT_SUCCEX_E_F7
    • Outer Size: 36*36mm / 30.5*30.5/φ4 mounting
    • Weight: 6.9g
    • Mounting hole: 30.5*30.5mm,φ4mm
    • Size: 36*36mm

    ESC | SucceX-E 45A 2-6S BLHeli_S 4-in-1 ESC

    • Dimension: 36*43mm
    • Mounting Holes: 30.5*30.5mm/Φ3mm
    • Weight: 15g (without wire)
    • Supports 2-6S LiPo input
    • EFM8BB21 MCU, 24Mhz Runs BLHeli_S 16.X Firmware
    • Current sensor: YES
    • BEC: NO
    • Constant: 45A / Burst: 50A
    • Supports: DShot150/300/600/MultiShot/OneShot etc.
    • Target: G-H-30 BLS 16.7

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