XM2 | Secondary Drive Belt Street Conversion | SuRon Ultra Bee Upgrade

XM2 designed the Secondary Drive Belt Street Conversion for SuRon Ultra Bee to boost the E-bike's performance in filmmaking conditions. The Secondary Drive Belt replaces the E-Bikes Chain drive with an upgraded Drive Belt.

This kit is specifically crafted for street riding, aiming to reduce noise and vibration originating from the secondary chain. Please note that due to the swingarm's design, road tires are necessary for fitting. Off-road tires, due to their width, will not be compatible with the 21mm belt clearance.


  • Smooth, Lightweight Riding Experience: Belt drives operate smoothly without vibrations, ensuring a stable platform for steady shots and contributing to the overall footage quality. The lightweight nature of the Drive Belt contributes to better handling and manoeuvrability.
  • Low Maintenance: With reduced need for adjustments and lubrication, belt drives lower the risk of unexpected disruptions on-set during filming setups. 
  • Durable Power Transfer: the capacity to withstand heavy loads, this Drive Belt ensures a smooth and reliable power transfer for consistent performance in challenging conditions.
  • Quieter Operation: Belt drives are inherently quieter than the standard SuRon Ultra Bee Drive Chain, producing less vibration and noise during filming.
  • Cleaner Option: Unlike chains needing lubrication, the Drive Belts stay clean, reducing mess and maintenance on-set.
  • Improved Efficiency: Belt drives often offer higher efficiency in power transmission, potentially improving overall energy efficiency and performance.


  • 30T and 112T
  • 1600mm Belt in 21mm width

Note: Pre-order now, limited stock. Shipping December 18th, 2023.



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