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SLG-20-AX | Retractable Landing Gear Set for Freefly Alta X | XM2 Labs

Leg Size

The SLG-20-AX from XM2 Labs is a Retractable Landing Gear set designed to upgrade the Freefly Systems Alta X Drone. SLG-20 retracts have been designed, manufactured and assembled by XM2 Labs in Melbourne, Australia and specifically made for professionals in the film and television industry.

XM2 labs products have enhanced gimbal and drone operations across the globe and our products are designed to be reliable, robust and battle-tested to withstand demanding use onset.

Ready to bolt on and fly, this turn-key retracts upgrade for the Alta X drone has been successfully tested by licensed UAV pilots at various weights up to the drones maximum lift capacity.

The SLG-20-AX Retractable Landing Gear is compatible with DJI Ronin 2 & Freefly MoVi Pro gimbal. Worldwide Shipping.

Click Here for the SLG-20 Manual and Quick Start Guide

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The SLG-20-AX is a Retractable Landing Gear Set for Freefly Alta X Drones

Driven by powerful servo motors, the lightweight and hard black anodized SLG-20 modules attach quad struts and carbon tubing (700mm vertical & 600mm horizontal) to our carbon fibre adapter plates for the Alta X

Synchronized Quad Motor Operation

SLG-20 modules are made and calibrated for synchronized quad motor operation (two motors driving each leg) and specifically to be used in tandem Freefly’s Alta X and custom heavy lift drones.

We had experienced issues fitting and flying retrofitted servos that were not designed for heavy-lift operation. A retrofitted landing gear operates outside of its intended design parameters (length of down tube, BEC & servo overload, ect). Because of this, we found the retrofitted servos would fight each other; causing the servos to fail, the spine to strip out or the control board to cease.

Our team of Australian engineers worked in the lab for two years to create the SLG-20 module as a reliable and robust alternative to what's currently available.

Titanium Gear Hitec Servos

We incorporated high torque, titanium gear Hitec servos for optimal take-off and landing. The XM2 Labs team of electrical engineers fully calibrate and pre-program the servos in-house.

When the legs are up or down in-flight, the servos are turned off and locked out by the springs for minimal power draw. Rubber springs and conformal coated electronics were installed to help resist corrosion.


- Made & calibrated for heavy lift drones & Freefly Alta X.
- Compatible with DJI Ronin 2 & Freefly MoVi Pro gimbals.
- Ready to bolt on, turn-key upgrade.
- Overall Weight: 2010 Grams | 71 oz.
- Ball bearings in all moving parts.
- Replacements parts available.
- Tool-less installation & release of vertical tubes.
- Titanium Gear Hitec Servos.
- Dedicated user interface for calibration & feedback.
- Electronics conformal coated to resist corrosion.
- Professional support provided by our Australian team of engineers.
- Designed, manufactured, & assembled by XM2 Labs in Melbourne, Australia.

In the Box

SLG-20-AX Landing Gear Set for Alta X Drone
- 4x SLG-20 Modules
- 4x Carbon Fibre Legs
- 2x Carbon Fibre Mounting Hardware for Alta X
- Power Supplies
- Wiring
- Manual

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