XM2 | R2 Exoskeleton | Safety System for DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal | Enhanced Tuning | Bonus Ronin-Majig

We developed an Exoskeleton designed to reinforce the DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal at its most vulnerable point.

Since 2017, the DJI Ronin 2 has been in the hands, vehicles and drones of XM2 film crews worldwide. Over these seven years, our team have gained valuable insights into this gimbals capacity. We identified a common issue: vulnerability just above the neck of the roll axis. We go hard. We had in cracks and separation in the Ronin 2 carbon fiber structure many times. Heavy camera payloads, rigid mounting, and demanding setups can significantly increase the risk of premature failure.

Our engineers at XM2 Labs used 3D scanning technology to analyze the DJI Ronin 2s core structure. And since early 2023, we've been prototyping our R2 Exoskeleton throughout the worlds toughest filming locations. We took the fall so you don't have to.

The R2 Exoskeleton is shaped from durable, 6061 Aluminum metal supports. These supports effectively bridge across the vulnerable area, providing critical support to reduce the likelihood of separation.

We've also incorporated the ability to attach accessories to the rear of the Exoskeleton. You might use this for video transmitters, Aero Landing Gear, counterweights and more. Choose your own Exoskeleton adventure and customize your setup.

Already proven on-set in the worlds harshest conditions, you can trust the original. 

In the Box

  • 1x R2 Exoskeleton
    • Strut right
    • Strut left
    • Clamp bottom
    • Clamp back
    • Clamp front
    • Clamp top
  • 1x Ronin-Majig (Limited time offer)


  • Machined on a 5-axis CNC mill, from billet aircraft-grade 6061 material, with a hard black anodized finish.
  • Weight: 350 Grams | 12.3oz
  • Made by XM2

R2 Exoskeleton Shipping June 2024

Ronin-Majig Shipping Now

Made in Melbourne, Australia

Free Shipping Worldwide.

Limited Stock


As a special offer and for a limited time, the Ronin-Majig is included as a bonus with your purchase the R2 Exoskeleton. 

The Ronin-Majig is designed to catch your camera payload if it ever separates from your Ronin 2 gimbal.

Inspired by XM2's Thingymajig for MoVi Pro, the Ronin-Majig safety bracket provides a common attachment point for a paracord between the Ronin-majig and your camera/payload.

The Ronin-majig and Paracord combination don't interfere with the Ronin 2 pan axis adjustments, movements, power cables, or batteries. Learn More Here.

XM2 | Ronin-Majig | Saftey Accessory Bracket for DJI Ronin 2

Ronin-Majig will ship now. R2 Exoskeleton is shipping in June.

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