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XM2 Thingymajig for FreeFly Movi Gimbal | Safety Upgrade

XM2 THINGAMAJIG | Safety Upgrade For Your FreeFly Movi Gimbal.

A Billet CNC milled and anodized bracket made in house at XM2, Australia.

We'd heard horror stories from gimbal ops about about the MoVi quick release, even  resulting in broken cameras. This is why we decided to make the THINGAMAJIG  and eliminate the issue!

Many in the Freefly Movi Community now use our Thingymajig onset for piece of mind.

If we are ever out of stock, please contact us and we will make more!

A Safety cable can also be selected in the above options its the same as we use in the video it includes a D-Shackle to attach to the Thingamajig the other end has an eyelet which you can choose how you want to attach to your rig. We have given a few different lengths to choose from select the options above before adding to cart we mainly use the 20cm for our Drone and Handheld work. If your rigging to cars it can be handy to have a little extra length if you want to secure it to a different anchor point rather then near the toad in the hole.

Watch our video to find out more about it: 


If you own a drone, it’s important that you understand the rules that keep you and others safe. Visit to find out more

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