XM2 Labs | SLG-20 Adapter Plates | M600 Hole Pattern | for Custom Heavy Lift Drones

The XM2 Labs SLG-20 Adapter Plates with DJI M600 Hole Pattern allows users to replace the DJI M600 or S900 Retracts currently fitted on their custom heavy lift drone with the much stronger SLG-20 Retractable Landing Gear from XM2 Labs. 

This adapter plate bolts directly onto our SLG-20 modules with the same hole pattern that came standard on the DJI M600 and S900 Retracts. Requires one Universal Adapter Plate per SLG-20 module. 


  • Weight: 31 Grams (Per Plate)
  • Colour: Hard Anodised Black
  • Material: Black Hard 6061 Anodizing

In the Box

  • 2x XM2 Labs SLG-20 Adapter Plate | Universal Hole Pattern

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